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Mailing list for end-user discussion and questions related to the libremedia project.

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General catch-all for patches, questions, and discussions for Amolith's projects that don't have their own mailing list, like rārangi.

As stated all over sourcehut, please review the etiquette guide and make sure your client is set up properly prior to sending a patch.

#How to send patches

When posting patches to this list, please edit the [PATCH] line to include the specific project you're contributing to, e.g.

  [PATCH rarangi v2] list: use emoji checks

To configure a Git repository to use this list (replace <project> with the project name):

  git config sendemail.to "~amolith/public-inbox@lists.sr.ht"
  git config format.subjectprefix "PATCH <project>"
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Mailing list for announcements and discussions about communication platforms. More info can be found in the fediverse thread.

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Public inbox for libremedia federation requests to ensure transparency

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Low-volume mailing list for announcements related to the libremedia project.

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