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Welcome to the Hacktivista.org development mailing list!

This list works for discussions, bug reports and patches of the development of pglr, LeanWeb, hacktivista.org and every public development project of <hacktivista.org> at this time. Please always name the project you're referring to in the subject of your email.

You can read, submit, and reply using email, without having to sign up for an account on sourcehut. Send an email to ~hacktivista/hacktivista-dev@lists.sr.ht to get started.

When replying by email, please remove the quoted copy of the previous message from the bottom of your message. Be sure to send your reply to the list as a whole rather than just the person who posted last. This is done with the "reply to list" or "reply all" feature - check by starting a reply, then looking at the prefilled list of addresses that the email would be sent to.

If you need help learning how to send git patchsets to this list, please consult git-send-email.io.

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