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Re: [PATCH husky] Fix missing chats in app 16 days ago

From Alibek Omarov to ~captainepoch/husky-devel

"/api/v1/chats" doesn't exist anymore in Pleroma.
Also in v2 API supports pagination, so it can be also enabled in ChatFragment.

Looks fine to me, except formatting is off.

What do you think, captainepoch?

чт, 6 янв. 2022 г. в 04:15, Edward Sneed <sneeden@fedora.email>:
> ---
> This patch fixes the missing chats in its corresponding tab. It is copied from an unmaintained fork found at https://github.com/SamTherapy/Husky and was originally made by @sam@froth.zone (fediverse)
>  .../tusky/network/MastodonApi.kt              |  2 +-
>  .../tusky/repository/ChatRepository.kt        | 24 +++++++++----------
>  2 files changed, 13 insertions(+), 13 deletions(-)