[rde updates] 2021-03

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* Contributios
A lot of work was done during March.  Will try to highlight the most
important and interesting parts.

We implemented a mechanism for `guix home` for updating symlinks, for
now it's a separate script, but in the future `guix home reconfigure`
will be running it during reconfigure process [fn:1].  It allows to
install all the necessary software and configurations in one command.

Another feature covered is a state management utility [fn:2].  It has
experimental status, but seems as a good addition to `guix home`.  It
gives an abillity to clone and configure git repositories for work, copy
directories from backup server and initialize and manage all other state
that you want.

We finished all essential home services, now `guix home` can be used as
a primary software configuration tool, but still do not recommend to do
it yet for a few reasons:
- Small amount of home services will force you to write them yourself.
- Possible API breakage for better consistency in the future.
- Lack of documentation
- Lack of some non-essential, but still useful functionality.
- Good practices are not established yet, hope rde will cover it soon.

shepherd, mcron, ssh, git, shell-profile, and gnupg home services are
ready to use and few more coming.

* Acknowledgements
I want to thank Xinglu Chen (aka yoctocell) for a great amount of
contributions this month.  New home services, refactor of old ones, a lot
of reviews, comments and suggestions.  Good job!

* Future work
Next week we will announce a "Call for early adopters", will pick a few
people to support via calls, mailing list and chat with the usage of
`guix home`.  Will collect the feedback and enhance the implementation.
More on that in the announcement on Tuesday.

We continue to improve UX of `guix home` subcommand, expand number of
avaliable home services and prepare ready to use home-environment
configuration [fn:3] and a full system.  Also, plan to start upstreaming
`guix home` to guix after early adopters run.

Doing small steps we already achieved pretty noticable results, let's
keep rocking!)

* Footnotes

[fn:1] https://youtu.be/ZRQtCvo8MoM

[fn:2] https://youtu.be/ZaXHtSKKoeg

[fn:3] https://git.sr.ht/~abcdw/rde/tree/master/item/rde/config.scm
An example of configuration structure, utilizing `guix home` capabilities.
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