[rde updates] 2021-01

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* Contributions
It was a good month. The most important feature implemented is ~guix
home~ subcommand [fn:1], which for now allows to build a directory with
profile and additional initialization scripts based on home-enviroment
definition [fn:2]. It works like ~guix system~ subcommand utilizing
System Services mechanism [fn:3], but for user home and have less
capabilities for now.

At the end of 2020 we discussed an interesting approach of Stateless
operating system [fn:4], switched from NixOS to Guix System [fn:5] and
from Xorg to Wayland. The switch required to contribute few patches to
guix and obs:

- Emacs for wayland [fn:6].
- OBS Support for custom plugin load paths [fn:7].
- OBS wlrobs plugin [fn:8].

During the latest stream the packaging process was explained [fn:9], not
all the details, but a lot of information to get started. BTW, every
stream has notes related to it, links to the latest versions is
available here [fn:10].

* Future work
~guix home build~ works as expected: services in ~home-environment~ act
the same way as in ~operating-system~, but to get everything
autmatically installed ~guix home reconfigure~ action is required. It
will be managing symlinks to build results and generations of home-env.

~home-shepherd-service-type~ and related mechanisms are good candidates
for next step, another useful set of items in the box will be
state-syncronization services (with different backends git, rsync,
etc). After that most of utility services will be ready and services for
user applications will get some attention (e.g. gpg-agent,
password-store, GNU Emacs, mbsync).

* Tips on watching streams
It's possible to watch stream recordings without browser and unfree
javascript. Use ~mpv~ or ~youtube-dl~ and pass a link to the video as
the command line argument.

* Footnotes

[fn:1] https://git.sr.ht/~abcdw/rde/tree/e2c248ed2ebae9904a1ff128df2762ecc7e88ce6/item/guix/scripts/home.scm

[fn:2] https://git.sr.ht/~abcdw/rde/tree/e2c248ed2ebae9904a1ff128df2762ecc7e88ce6/item/examples/home-environment.scm.tmpl

[fn:3] https://youtu.be/BYDxJTh2wZU

[fn:4] https://youtu.be/2eN0R0f_RX0

[fn:5] https://youtu.be/XOYirIzUlW8

[fn:6] http://issues.guix.gnu.org/44738

[fn:7] https://github.com/obsproject/obs-studio/pull/4067

[fn:8] http://issues.guix.gnu.org/45961

[fn:9] https://youtu.be/R8DtPnP4eL8

[fn:10] https://github.com/abcdw/notes/blob/master/notes/20210201172141-trop_in_streams_schedule.org
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