[rde updates] 2021-06

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* Contributios

We finaly started upstreaming Guix Home and targeted to make it a part
of the next Guix release! [fn:1]

There was a lot of email and Emacs related work in June.

The Emacs' completion configuration provided by feature-emacs-completion
is pretty neat, the defaults provided by feature-emacs are sane, but
there are some more work required to make them a little more flexible.

Basic mail setup with rde is already possible, feature-mail-settings,
feature-notmuch, feature-isync covers most basic needs, gives an ability
to fetch mails via IMAP and work with them using Notmuch Emacs MUA,
feature-msmtp and feature-l2md are in progress and will help to support
multiple accounts, delayed mail submition and mailing list

* Education

Stream about managing emails with Emacs[fn:2] gives the general
understanding of emails, various syncronization tools like mbsync and
l2md, provides ideas of tagging, searching and processing capabilities
of notmuch and its Emacs interface.

Stream on PipeWire[fn:3] covers two primary topics: substituting Alsa,
PulseAudio and JACK with PipeWire and sharing screen on Wayland.

* Future
Not much new features are planned this month, but some vacations are)

Hope your summer is going good, see you in a bit!

* Footnotes

[fn:1] https://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/guix-devel/2021-07/msg00004.html

[fn:2] https://youtu.be/3xWEnAVl1Tw

[fn:3] https://youtu.be/mQsporm07UE
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