[rde updates] 2021-02

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* Contributions
There were two streams about ~guix home~ during February. The
recordings contain a lot of information about internals of
home-environment [fn:1], differences with guix-home-manager and nix's
home-manager and most essential building blocks [fn:2], home-services.

Now it's possible to manage environment variables for user shells,
manage user's shepherd's services, declare packages to be installed in

I'm personally very glad that people contribute their time and effort
by writing patches, emails, makings suggestions and just using the
~guix home~. I appreciate and enjoy it)

* Future work
We are finishing up essential services, cleaning up the stuff and will
be ready to expand the list of avaliable home-services, also will be
glad to see new early adpoters and their feedback.

Starting the process of upstreaming ~guix home~ to guix, write your
thoughts, concerns or suggestions about it in the email thread [fn:3]
in guix-devel [-at-] gnu.org mailing list.

The state management still an open question, but hope we will cover it
too, some day) Stay tuned!

* Footnotes

[fn:1] https://youtu.be/t3zRzQnarUI

[fn:2] https://youtu.be/4lJaVzxO_Bs

[fn:3] https://www.mail-archive.com/guix-devel@gnu.org/msg56862.html
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