[rde updates] 2021-08

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* Contributions

Not so much new exciting features this month, everything is as it was
promised!)  There was some work on refactoring and upstreaming Guix Home
to Guix, and the progress is quite good, main parts already in
wip-guix-home branch[fn:1],

* Education

Two more streams this month, one of them[fn:2] is about Emacs and it got some
attention from the community, actually nothing very special, but some
ideas on how good working environment should look like.

The second one covers the basics of development environments, and
explains how to create different, relatively isolated and reproducible
envs for different projects (which can have various stacks), how to have
them automatically activated, when you switch to the respective
directory in your shell or text editor/IDE.  Should be useful for most
people using Unix-like OSes for their development work.

* Future

Some more work on Guix Home is required to simplify the future
maintanance of it, but the upstreaming process is expected to be
finished soon.  Probably a lot of the time will be spent on creating
content for it: migration and contribution guides, article for guix blog
and other supporting stuff.

As we still working on upstreaming Guix Home, nothing major is planned
for rde, but we continue improving and expanding it.  Also, let me know
in case you are missing some features in rde or Guix ecosystem in
general, it can radically increase the chances it will appear in some
foreseeable future)

See you in a bit ;)

* Footnotes

[fn:1] https://git.savannah.gnu.org/cgit/guix.git/log/?h=wip-guix-home 

[fn:2] https://youtu.be/ZbxUJz6a9Io

Andrew Tropin.
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