[rde updates] 2021-09

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* Contributions

Guix Home is finally merged into Guix proper.  A few small breaking
changes are on the way, which will require to change module names in
user's configs, but everyone can already use it, do `guix pull` and read
the docs[fn:1].

Streams are now available on PeerTube too:

* Education

Streams on Git (ammend, rebase, Emacs, Magit), guix deploy, and Guix
Escape Hatches (about lack of packages and possible solutions) are here:

Two streams on Guix Home from David Wilson (System Crafters channel),
a first look and some deeper dive and hacking on home services:

* Future 

I think this month will be more about cleaning up exitsting work on Guix
Home, solving issues, refactoring and covering with test the current
code.  Would be cool to establish some guide on writing home/system
services and, also, write an article "Gradual Migration to Guix Home".

There is another task on moving other home services from rde to Guix, so
not much attention to rde itself is expected, but will see how it goes.

Keep in touch!

* Footnotes

[fn:1] http://guix.gnu.org/en/manual/devel/en/guix.html#Home-Configuration 

Best regards,
Andrew Tropin
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