Version 0.1.10

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Version 0.1.10 brings some bug fixes and refinements.

KnownHostsFile and CertificateDir are now safe for concurrent use. This
allows them to be safely shared between multiple clients or servers.

The Client will now return an error if it encounters an expired TLS

Many callbacks have been removed from the Client as they proved too
limiting. Clients who need them should implement these callbacks on
their own. See examples/client for an example of a basic client.

Request.Context is now optional. If it is nil, the background context
will be used.

The Response.Request field has been removed. Clients can keep track of
this information on their own should they need it.

Some internal functionality has been exposed, manifesting in the
functions ReadRequest, ReadResponse, and NewResponseWriter. The
functions Request.Write and Response.Read have also been added.
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