Version 0.1.12

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Version 0.1.12 brings some bug fixes and API refinements.

At this stage the library is mostly complete and should not change much,
with two exceptions:

- When Go 1.16 is released, the various filesystem APIs will change
  to use io/fs.
- Changes to the Gemini protocol may require a change to this library.
  This includes the possible use of IRIs.

Once the Gemini protocol is final and will not receive any more changes,
version 1.0.0 will be tagged.

The following is a description of the changes brought in this version:

The tofu submodule has been refactored. The functionality of
KnownHostsFile is now provided by two structs: KnownHosts and
HostWriter, which are independent of one another.

Certificate-related functionality has been moved to the new certificate

The Server Register and RegisterFunc functions have been renamed to
Handle and HandleFunc for consistency with ServeMux.

The Client now properly applies its Timeout when dialing, so it should
no longer hang when a host is down.

Adnan Maolood (21):
      tofu: Rename KnownHost to Host
      tofu: Refactor known hosts
      tofu: Protect HostWriter with a mutex
      tofu: Add NewHostsFile function
      tofu: Add KnownHosts.Load function
      Update examples/client.go
      Add KnownHosts.Hosts function
      tofu: Rename KnownHosts.Hosts to Entries
      Update examples/auth.go
      tofu: Update documentation
      tofu: Update documentation
      tofu: Fix example
      Move cert.go to a subpackage
      certificate: Add Dir.Entries function
      Update examples
      server: Rename Register to Handle
      fs: Update comments
      fs: Don't panic on mime.AddExtensionType error
      fs: Update comments
      client: Add note about TOFU
      fs: Remove unused import

Hugo Wetterberg (2):
      client: set the client timout on the dialer, close connection on err
      tofu: Refactor
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