Version 0.1.14

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Version 0.1.14 brings many bug fixes and API refinements.

The API has been reworked to stay as close to net/http as possible.
The documentation is now more detailed and borrows from net/http where

Responder is now Handler, and Responder.Respond is now

ResponseWriter is now an interface to allow custom implementations.

Servers can now handle requests for any hostname by using the special
pattern "*".

Server now provides Shutdown and Close methods to shut down the server.

Request.Host is now optional and should only be set to override the
server to connect to (e.g. if using a proxy). The host will be inferred
from Request.URL.Host.

NewRequestFromURL has been removed as it no longer provides any
useful functionality. Use a literal Request struct instead.

Request.Certificate is no longer populated for server requests. Servers
should use Request.TLS.PeerCertificates instead.

Support for international domain names is now implemented. Hostnames are
automatically punycoded before DNS lookups, and the punycoded hostname
is provided to the server as part of the request.

The tofu submodule now provides a PersistentHosts struct which
provides persistent known hosts storage.
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