Version 0.1.20

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Version 0.1.20 brings some bug fixes and improvements.

LoggingMiddleware has been moved out of examples/server.go and into the
library so that those who need it can easily take advantage of it.

The tofu submodule now encodes fingerprints in base64 instead of hex to
reduce the size of fingerprints. KnownHosts.Load now attempts to create
the known hosts file and any parent directories if they do not exist.

The default duration for certificates created with certificate.Store is
now 100 years instead of 250 years. The certificate store will also
attempt to create the certificate directory provided in Load if it does
not exist. The certificate store will also clean the path provided to
Load to fix an issue where certificates failed to load properly from
relative paths.

The certificate store no longer supports certificates scoped to certain
paths. Clients are recommended to limit the scope of certificates to
entire hosts for simplicity.

StatusSensitiveInput has been removed to encourage servers to rely on
client certificates for authentication instead of passwords. Those who
still wish to use it can use the number 11 instead.

Adnan Maolood (13):
      certificate.Store: Clean scope path in Load
      Move LoggingMiddleware out of examples/server.go
      certificate.Store: Make 100 years the default duration
      certificate.Store: Don't check parent scopes in Lookup
      certificate.Store: Don't call os.MkdirAll
      tofu: Automatically create file in KnownHosts.Load
      tofu: Fix format in error message
      tofu: Use base64-encoded sha256 fingerprints
      tofu: Fix known host unmarshaling
      examples/client: Fix certificate trust check
      Remove StatusSensitiveInput
      tofu: Use stricter file permissions
      certificate.Store: Call os.MkdirAll on Load

Noah Kleiner (1):
      tofu: Create path if not exists
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