Version 0.1.22

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Version 0.1.22 brings some bug fixes and tweaks.

ServeMux has been renamed to Mux.

The default media type for responses no longer specifies "charset=utf-8"
as it is implied.

ReadResponse now limits the size of the response header so that it does
not read more than necessary. ReadRequest and ReadResponse also no longer
treat an empty meta as valid.

An issue where ServeFile did not specify the media type for directory
index pages has been fixed.

Adnan Maolood (10):
      Rename ServeMux to Mux
      Remove charset=utf-8 from default media type
      Remove unused field
      response: Treat empty meta as invalid
      Tweak request and response parsing
      client: Close connection on error
      client: Only get cert if TrustCertificate is set
      fs: Fix empty media type for directory index pages
      response: Don't use bufReadCloser
      response: Limit response header size
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