Version 0.2.1

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Version 0.2.1 fixes a few bugs and makes a few changes.

A panic caused by an out-of-bounds slice access in FileServer was fixed.
Users of FileServer should upgrade to avoid any issues.

The FileServer redirection code has been improved and now redirects to
the canonical path in more cases.

The ServeContent function has been removed as it does not provide much
useful functionality. Users should use ResponseWriter.SetMediaType and
io.Copy instead.

The ServeFile function no longer takes a Request argument and will no
longer perform any checks of the request URL or redirections. Users of
are expected to sanitize the file name before providing it to ServeFile.
For redirection to canonical paths, use FileServer.

An issue where wrapping a ResponseWriter with LoggingMiddleware would
cause an empty meta to be written was fixed.

Adnan Maolood (6):
      fs: Fix panic on indexing URL of zero length
      LoggingMiddleware: Prevent writing empty meta
      fs: Remove ServeContent function
      fs: Refactor
      fs: Improve redirect behavior
      fs: Avoid equality check if lengths don't match
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