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kiln version 0.2.0 brings a lot of changes and improvements.

New features include:

* Frontmatter support
* Base and partial templates
* Configurable permalinks
* Extensibility with external commands
* Static content directory support

The 'kiln new' command will generate an empty Gemini site along with the
default templates to make it easy to get started.

The major change is that kiln can now build sites of any content format.
Sites can specify multiple build tasks, where each tasks reads files
from the content directory, optionally processes them with external
commands, passes them through templates, and then writes the output to
the output directory. This means that, in theory, kiln can be used to
build Gemini sites, export Gemini sites to HTML with the gmnitohtml [1]
command, or even render Markdown sites to HTML. This makes kiln more
flexible than other static site generators like Hugo, which allow custom
output formats but not custom input formats. The cost of this
flexibility is that kiln no longer has built-in functionality for
rendering Gemini text to HTML, and must rely on external commands to do

[1]: https://git.sr.ht/~adnano/gmnitohtml

Note to package maintainers: tagged versions are no longer prefixed with
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