kiln 0.3.0

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kiln 0.3.0 brings many new features and improvements:

- More sophisticated feed generation with per-task feeds
- Support for per-task base URLs
- Renamed .Permalink to .Path, and added a new variable .URL which takes
  into account the base URL of the task
- Ability to specify which tasks can build a page in frontmatter. Useful
  for excluding content from certain tasks.
- Root page of the site exposed via the site.Root variable
- Improved documentation
- Other bugfixes and improvements

There is also a new companion tool, mdtohtml[1], for converting Markdown
to HTML, although it is currently very basic.

[1]: https://git.sr.ht/~adnano/mdtohtml

Adnan Maolood (33):
      dir: Avoid looping through all the feeds
      dir: Combine handling of feeds and deprecated feeds
      dir: Return errors from executing process commands
      site: Clean up deprecation warning
      docs: Move feeds after tasks
      Remove support for deprecated feeds
      site: Add Generated variable
      site: Remove support for site URLs
      atom.xml: Remove unused variable
      config.toml: Remove urls config option
      Merge Page and Dir structs
      page: Sort Dirs
      page: Fix output path for index pages
      site: Implement support for task URLs
      docs: Tweak wording
      Preserve mode bits for static files
      docs: Update template variables
      docs: Add note
      docs: Update example configuration
      docs: Update frontmatter example
      Use github.com/google/shlex to parse commands
      page: Fallback to base template for page/index templates
      docs: Improve page documentation
      docs: Move functions to bottom
      site: Set URL for root directory
      site: Expose root page to templates
      Use path/filepath instead of path
      Use io/fs
      templates/_default/atom.xml: Fix feed URL
      page: Ability to specify build tasks per page
      templates/_default/index.gmi: Minor formatting nit
      config.toml: Update input_dir
      Bump version to 0.3.0

      Update site params to a nested map

earnest ma (1):
      Makefile: Adjust man page file permissions

oliverpool (2):
      fix: prevent panic when static_dir does not exist
      tasks: add tasks.feeds support
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