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[PATCH] doc/getting-started: Fix simple misspelling. 6 months ago

From Brett Cornwall to ~emersion/soju-dev

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### Client supporting `soju.im/bouncer-networks`

If your are using a client supporting the `soju.im/bouncer-networks` IRC
If you are using a client supporting the `soju.im/bouncer-networks` IRC
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Re: My philosophy for productive instant messaging a year ago

From Brett Cornwall to ~sircmpwn/public-inbox

Shirking the expectation of being always-online for instant messaging 
has been incredibly helpful for me: My chat experience became more 
meaningful when I stopped using bouncers. To me, IRC is valuable for 
mostly-synchronous communication (why not just use email otherwise?)

This makes it more "real" to me, too. When I'm joining a room it's as if 
I'm entering via meatspace: I might be joining mid-conversation without 
context, and that's fine! Like you mentioned, I don't need or want to 
review logs from when I was absent.