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kineto proxies all gemini addresses by default, i would prefer this to be configurable 7 months ago

From Alexander Lehmann to ~sircmpwn/gmni-discuss

I just noticed that users are requesting other gemini urls on my site, 
likely because I have written a CGI script that redirects to a random 
site and crawlers are picking that up.

I would prefer it if that were configurable and the page would show a 
link to the gemini url instead if general proxying is turned off. I have 
quickly hacked that into the source to give an error message, but a more 
detailed page would be better.

Alexander Lehmann <alexlehm@gmail.com>

[PR] convert \r\n to string in logger (fixes #12) 9 months ago

From Alexander Lehmann to ~int80h/gemserv


I have created a small patch to log the cr/lf chars as strings to fix #12

You can pull it fromhttps://git.sr.ht/~alexlehm/gemserv  with the branch 


Alexander Lehmann<alexlehm@gmail.com>