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Zrythm development has migrated to https://gitlab.zrythm.org, which is
our own self-hosted GitLab instance.

Git: Development will mainly occur at
https://gitlab.zrythm.org/zrythm/zrythm (with mirrors to various git
providers such as GitHub, Codeberg and GitLab.com). If you just want to
build Zrythm, please use one of the mirrors (such as
https://github.com/zrythm/zrythm) to avoid unnecessary load on our

Bug reports/feature requests: Please use

Mailing lists: Please use our new forum at https://forum.zrythm.org for
user discussions.

Development discussion/patches: Please make an account at
https://gitlab.zrythm.org and create merge requests or comment on
issues. Alternatively, you can email patches to me directly at
alex<at>zrythm.org. Development discussion mainly happens in our Matrix
chatroom at https://matrix.to/#/#zrythmdaw:matrix.org.

The above changes were made to make it easier for both users and
developers to contribute.

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