Zrythm 1.0.0-beta.1.5.1 release

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Zrythm 1.0.0-beta.1.5.1 has been released!

==== Screenshot ====


==== Release Notes ====

Main changes since last announcement:

- Become a full libadwaita app
- Simplify CSS theming and remove dependence on Matcha theme
- Include bundled plugins generated by FAUST: compressor, delay, gate,
distortion, reverb
- Simplify check for unsaved changes on close
- Various translation updates
- Various UI/UX improvements
- Various bug fixes

The list of changes in this release follows:

## [1.0.0-beta.1.5.1] - 2022-04-14
### Added
- Add status page to modulators tab
- Add bundled plugins: compressor, delay, gate, distortion, reverb

### Changed
- Add some vertical padding to automation editor
- Port some split buttons to AdwSplitButton
- Simplify check for unsaved changes (only look at last performed
- Update French, Chinese (Simplified), Portuguese, Catalan translations
- User manual: update some sections
- User manual: change PDF author to 'The Zrythm contributors'
- Hardcode standard LV2 paths for all OSes
- Update screenshot URL in metainfo

### Fixed
- Fix preference rows not being centered
- Fix arranger objects not being draggable from their bottom/left side
- Various CSS/style fixes
- Fix issues with fonts in some custom widgets
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