Zrythm 1.0.0-alpha.16.0.1 release

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Zrythm v1.0.0-alpha.16.0.1 has been released!


### Added
- Make fader and piano roll highlight colors themeable
- Add bar and beat snap options
- Allow bouncing tracks pre-inserts, pre-fader, post-fader, or with
- Add plugin author filter in plugin browser
- Add meson option for carla 32bit binaries on windows
- Allow soloing/muting multiple tracks
- Allow changing color for multipler tracks
- Add title field to export dialog
- Allow changing monitor output device ports (JACK only)
- Implement channel listen
- Add option to unsolo/unmute/unlisten all tracks
- Add mute/listen/dim knobs to monitor section
- Add mono/dim/mute functionalities to monitor section

### Changed
- Update French, Japanese, Greek, Chinese (Simplified), Ukrainian
- Show value readings on some knobs
- Don't serialize port internal value type
- Pass hardRTCapable and threadSafeRestore LV2 features to plugins
during instantiation
- Stop and restart engine when LV2 plugin does not support thread-safe
state restore
- Do not re-save the state when instantiating plugins unless state dir
does not exist

### Fixed
- Fix fetching latest version in installer build
- Fix error when duplicating tracks with sends/direct outs
- Fix soloed tracks being silent when routed to groups
- Fix LV2 plugin states not being saved correctly when there are files
- Fix error when opening generic UIs for bridged plugins
- Fix error when deleting a track when mixer selections exist after the
- Fix (pw) being shown for MIDI in bot bar when using JACK audio
backend with a non-JACK MIDI backend
- Fix error when moving plugin from inserts to MIDI FX
- Fix playhead not being redrawn when moving back to cue point
- Fix incorrect backend being selected in first run wizard

### Removed
- Remove makePath feature for state saving for LV2 plugins (handled by

Full changelog:

# Links
Home page: <https://www.zrythm.org>
Installer downloads: <https://www.zrythm.org/en/download.html>
Git repositories: <https://git.zrythm.org/cgit/>
Manual: <https://manual.zrythm.org/en/index.html>
Developer reference: <https://docs.zrythm.org/>
Issue trackers: <https://sr.ht/~alextee/zrythm/trackers>
Mailing lists: <https://sr.ht/~alextee/zrythm/lists>
Releases: <https://www.zrythm.org/releases/>
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