Beta release 1.0.0-beta.1.0.1

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Zrythm 1.0.0-beta.1.0.1 has been released!

This is the first beta release where the project format is stabilized.
If we discover any issue that requires breaking the project format,
Zrythm will take care to auto-upgrade older projects.

The remaining issues for v1 are mostly visual bugs and convenience
features. Most critical issues have already been resolved.

Since the project format is now stable and critical issues have been
resolved, we believe Zrythm can be used in production.

Main changes in the last 3 months:
- Port from GTK3 => GTK4
- Implement audition mode
- Implement adaptive grid snap
- Add more scales and ability to generate chords from them
- Allow transposing entire chord pad
- Make chord changes undoable
- Implement chord presets
- Add built-in fade in/out on all audio regions
- Implement automation/chord region stretching
- Make all arranger objects editable in event viewers
- Implement track lane mute/solo
- Allow recording in chord track
- Allow playing chords with a MIDI keyboard
- Allow exporting multiple MIDI regions to a MIDI file
- Add option to export MIDI lanes as separate tracks in MIDI files
- Add option to create pre-routed setup for multi-out instruments
- Add default velocity selector with option to use last edited velocity
- Implement record on MIDI input
- Auto-reconnect to any hardware devices that get disconnected
- Run all plugins via Carla API
- Port most widget drawing from cairo (software rendering) to GTK
snapshot (hardware rendering by default)
- Release on Flathub
- Various visual/UX improvements
- Various bug fixes
- Various DSP and drawing optimizations
- Various localization updates

The list of changes in this release follows:

## [1.0.0-beta.1.0.1] - 2022-03-16
### Added
- Add MIDI format selector in the export dialog
- Add option to export track lanes as separate MIDI tracks in the
export dialog
- Cancel current arranger action on Escape press

### Changed
- Update copyright years in about dialog
- Resize MIDI and velocity arrangers proportionally when resizing the
- Queue some startup messages to be shown after main window loads
- Improve context menu styling
- Clear undo history when deleting channel slots or tracks with
uninstantiated plugins
- Use custom-built test instrument instead of Geonkick in some tests
- Update default screenshot in appdata

### Fixed
- Fix plugin state dirs in backups being empty
- Fix audio FX track stems being silent
- Fix being unable to open main window on MacOS

### Removed
- Remove warranty disclaimer from welcome dialog (already mentioned in
about dialog)
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