Zrythm 1.0.0-beta.4.10.1 release

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Zrythm 1.0.0-beta.4.10.1 has been released!

==== Release Notes ====

The list of changes in this release follows:

## [1.0.0-beta.4.10.1] - 2023-08-10
### Added
- Add toggle to hide deactivated tracks in track filter menu
- Add right-click option to loop selection in timeline
- Add option to append all track/lane objects to the current selection
- Add tracklist preferences button with option to disable auto-arm
- Add Crescendo, Flam, Flip H/V, Portato, Staccato, Legato, Strum MIDI
- Implement MIDI clock (output) for syncing to Zrythm
- Build: add requirements.txt for managing Python dependencies (for
building docs, etc.)

### Changed
- Link scroll events on digital meter widgets (changes are only applied
at the end of scrolls)
- Build: re-enable some GCC analyzer checks and add new checks
- Change order in track context menu
- Subprojects: bump GTK and RtAudio versions
- Cache previous and current transport info during processing
- Various internal refactorings
- Update Catalan, French, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), Russian,
Dutch, Hungarian, Italian, Indonesian, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish
- Log: print `(?:?)` instead of `((null):(null))` when function and
line number are unknown
- Add more error checking and print more debug info in the log

### Fixed
- Build: fix bundled plugin build with GCC 13
- Fix app icon not showing on Wayland (StartupWMClass)

==== Links ====

Full changelog:

Pending features for v1:

Pending fixes for v1:

Home page: <https://www.zrythm.org>
Installer downloads: <https://www.zrythm.org/en/download.html>
Git repository: <https://sr.ht/~alextee/zrythm>
User manual: <https://manual.zrythm.org/en/index.html>
Developer reference: <https://docs.zrythm.org/>
Issue trackers: <https://sr.ht/~alextee/zrythm/trackers>
Mailing lists: <https://sr.ht/~alextee/zrythm/lists>
Releases: <https://www.zrythm.org/releases/>
Donations: <https://www.zrythm.org/en/community.html#donate>
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