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Re: Collecting topics for the next Mumble meeting 6 months ago

From Amirouche to ~sircmpwn/sr.ht-discuss

My favorite topic: Search engines.

Re: Request to add STklos to the Mighty Scheme implementations comparator 6 months ago

From Amirouche to ~amirouche/public-inbox

Hello Jeronimo :)

On Saturday, November 20th, 2021 at 19:50, Jeronimo Pellegrini <j_p@aleph0.info> wrote:

> Hello,
> As per the instructions in
> https://git.sr.ht/~amirouche/scheme.rs/tree/main/item/comparator/README.md,
> here is stklos.scm, to be considered for inclusion.

By the way, in the same commit:

Re: Python: Please stop screwing over Linux distros 6 months ago

From Amirouche to ~sircmpwn/public-inbox

Nobody mentioned calling sudo inside setup.py, as of yet?

Re: Reframing the philosophy of Gemini 6 months ago

From Amirouche to ~sircmpwn/public-inbox

On Wednesday, November 17th, 2021 at 12:26 AM, schism <schism@schism15.com> wrote:

> Are there any emerging protocols that would fulfill the role of a
> stripped down protocol like Gemini, but also justifiably has write
> features like POST?

Look at https://codeberg.org/weblite

Re: We can do better than DuckDuckGo [et al.] 6 months ago

From Amirouche to ~sircmpwn/public-inbox

On Tuesday, November 9th, 2021 at 6:06 PM, Amirouche <amirouche@hyper.dev> wrote:

> Hello,
> I stumbled upon your post [0], since I am working on a search engine
> myself I figured it was a good idea to shim in. The search engine is
> called: babelia.
> a) babelia instances will advertise their topical content via
> classifications such as the wikipedia vital articles
> hierarchy. Ok, this is not good enough for niche topics but it
> gives a heads up compared to randomly asking instances if they
> know about "those keywords" which is by the way not very great
> privacy wise. So instead, babelia try to guess the topic of the

Re: GitHub stale bot considered harmful 6 months ago

From Amirouche to ~sircmpwn/public-inbox

On Friday, November 5th, 2021 at 5:20 AM, Wai Hon Law <whhone@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Drew,
> I was reading your https://drewdevault.com/2021/10/26/stalebot.html
> Just to share a "stale bot" story I have seen.
> 1.  The management set up SLO requirements for issues / bug reports.
> 2.  There were too many issues. Engineers cannot respond to all in time.
> 3.  This violated the SLO and someone proposed "stale bot".

What is SLO?

Re: s-expression database 6 months ago

From Amirouche BOUBEKKI to ~amirouche/babelia-devel

On Sunday, October 31st, 2021 at 8:04 PM, Linas Vepstas <linasvepstas@gmail.com> wrote:

> On Sun, Oct 31, 2021 at 1:27 AM Amirouche BOUBEKKI amirouche@hyper.dev wrote:
> > > Rocksdb is a serverless, single-system key-value database optimized for SSD disks. It has C bindings, and its fast. For me, simple and fast are highly desirable properties.
> >
> > So is wiredtiger https://source.wiredtiger.com/ but GPLv3
> Is wiredtiger actually serverless?

It has not network component. I has a notion of table, but that is an optimization. You can use it like rocksdb with a single table, with single key-column and a single value-column.

searchmysite.net now with added Wikipedia goodness 6 months ago

From Amirouche BOUBEKKI to ~peacesearch/peacesearch-discuss

> So I’ve finally managed to index Wikipedia, or at least
> the 6,392,807 English language pages.
> Some of the benefits this brings to searchmysite.net:
> - It turns it into a much more useful search engine
> for day-to-day usage. Many of my internet searches
> in the past have simply ended with clicks to Wikipedia,
> so now when I’m performing that sort of search I can use
> searchmysite.net to get the Wikipedia link and see
> if there are any other personal or independent sites
> which have anything interesting to say on the topic.
> It could still benefit from users submitting more good
> quality personal and independent websites for indexing1,