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Re: [PATCH rarangi] use string literal instead of multiple fmt.Println 17 days ago

From Amolith to ~amolith/public-inbox

Rejected because I already made that change on someone else's
recommendation :nkogun:

List of public instances 23 days ago

From Amolith to ~edwardloveall/scribe

Hello o/

It might be a good idea to have a list of public Scribe instances
somewhere. Projects like Nitter, Invidious, and Bibliogram have wiki
pages or simple markdown files listing known instances so people are
aware of their options.

- https://github.com/zedeus/nitter/wiki/Instances
- https://docs.invidious.io/Invidious-Instances.md
- https://git.sr.ht/~cadence/bibliogram-docs/tree/master/docs/Instances.md

It might actually be cool for Scribe itself to have a page displaying
other instances. This could be similar to the FAQ, but generated at
build-time from a text file. To make it a bit more dynamic so it's

Communication Platform Testing: XMPP 26 days ago

From Amolith to ~amolith/comms-evaluation

Table of Contents

1. Platform announcement
2. Intro to the platform
3. Server recommendations
4. Client recommendations

1 Platform announcement

  Based on [the poll results], more people were solidly interested in
  XMPP than any of the others. As XMPP is decentralised by nature, I

Review request a month ago

From Amolith to ~sircmpwn/free-writers-club

Hello o/

I've had this post sitting in my drafts for a couple of weeks and
finally finished it up last night. I would very much appreciate some
feedback if anyone has a bit of time to go through it!



Re: [Feature Request] Favorite repositories? a month ago

From Amolith to ~sircmpwn/sr.ht-discuss

On 2021-10-08 05:03, Evan Boehs wrote:
> I considered this and it is surely the best option for now, but it requires
> syncing between browsers and bookmarks are generally clunky

If you mean cross-browser like Chrome/Firefox on different desktops or
Firefox on desktop and Chrome on mobile or something, you might like
xBrowserSync [0]. It's open source, end-to-end encrypted, and
self-hostable. I find the mobile app quite nice too.

[0]: https://www.xbrowsersync.org/


Re: Video Uploading Request 2 months ago

From to ~amolith/libremedia-discuss

On 2021-09-05 10:55, uberstar100.ds67n@aleeas.com wrote:
> I'd like to upload videos to your instance since I also strongly
> believe in the libre culture. I have two accounts, one is an
> experimental channel where anything goes (within the boundaries of
> LibreMedia's rules of course) while the other is going to focus on
> talking and analyzing media.
> Experimental channel: uberstar
> Media channel: neso_media

Sure, I've just removed the limits on your accounts. The first few
uploads will be blocked by default and require moderator approval before
publishing, so if we're taking too long or just don't notice them, feel
free to nudge us in IRC!

Re: Video Uploading Request 9 months ago

From to ~amolith/libremedia-discuss

I apologise for the long wait; university has been hectic the last few
days on top of work and other things.

> My name is Joshua Strobl and I am an open source developer and the
> Experience Lead of Solus. I regularly stream software development on
> my Twitch [1] and currently upload recordings of the streams to Odysee
> [2] to enable folks that can not watch the streams live to check them
> out when they are available to do so. Yesterday someone reached out on
> Fosstodon and asked if I would considered uploading a PeerTube
> instance and amolith took that opportunity to reach out to suggest
> LibreMedia!

We would be more than happy to host your videos! :) There is also the
possibility of streaming to PeerTube as well if you'd be interested in

[PATCH] Add Vale linting manifest 11 months ago

From Amolith to ~whereswaldon/arbor-dev

This is another very simple manifest that spins up an Arch VM, installs
a couple packages, downloads the latest version of Vale [1], then checks
our documentation. At the moment, it's a bit stupid and runs on
everything, for which there are currently …

> ✖ 15 errors, 121 warnings and 182 suggestions in 9 files.

This much output makes it somewhat difficult to figure out what's what
so it would be good if Vale only checked files modified in the commit(s)
being pushed. However, I feel like rudimentary functionality is better
than no functionality at the moment.

[1]: https://docs.errata.ai/vale/about/ (they have a new docs website)
[message trimmed]

[PATCH] Add MkDocs build manifest 11 months ago

From Amolith to ~whereswaldon/arbor-dev

This is a simple manifest that spins up an Arch VM, installs Material
for MkDocs [1], builds the site, then pushes it to a web server. The
port, user, server IP address, and webroot path are specified using
environment variables.

[1]: https://squidfunk.github.io/mkdocs-material/
[2]: https://www.mkdocs.org/
 .builds/mkdocs.yml | 27 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 1 file changed, 27 insertions(+)
 create mode 100644 .builds/mkdocs.yml

diff --git a/.builds/mkdocs.yml b/.builds/mkdocs.yml
new file mode 100644
[message trimmed]

Correct submodule command in the manifest 11 months ago

From Amolith to ~whereswaldon/arbor-dev

In the previous patch, I mixed the git submodule flag/argument up.
Rather than init --update, it should be update --init. This is the
corrected version.