Please welcome Luuk de Gram and Joachim Schmidt to the Core Zig Team

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Hey everyone,

I am pleased to announce our newest two Zig team members, Luuk de Gram 
and Joachim Schmidt.

Luuk has taken upon himself to be the resident WebAssembly expert. He 
wrote our self-hosted wasm linker from scratch, as well as pushing 
forward on our self-hosted wasm backend, which is already passing 46% of 
the behavior tests.

Joachim has been working on our self-hosted codegen backends, 
particularly ARM - diligently rewriting the register allocator in order 
to satisfy our design constraints of fast compilation with decent 
runtime performance.

Both Luuk and Joachim have proven to be steadfast community leaders, 
setting examples for how to treat others with kindness and respect.

With these two additions to the team, Zig's future has never been brighter.

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