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Re: [PATCH] Show evaluation results in the echo area 2 months ago

From Andrey Listopadov to ~technomancy/fennel

> I am trying the plain and simple REPL to see how it compares to Proto.

I think we've discussed this with Phil some time ago, that with the 
inclusion of proto-repl we'll remove most smart features from plain repl 
to keep it simple, and avoid  duing the work twice. Many features were 
hard enough to integrate and resulted in a buggy behavior, as the comint 
interface is not very robust to begin with. I'm not sure what's the 
stance on this today tho.

I then proceeded and removed many features, such as documentation popups, 
types of completed values, etc. making it a part of proto-repl instead  
because the line-based protocol and ID based callback system works in a 
more robust way.

Re: [PATCH] Show evaluation results in the echo area 2 months ago

From Andrey Listopadov to ~technomancy/fennel

Apr 30, 2024 18:09:27 Rudolf Adamkovič <rudolf@adamkovic.org>:

> Currently, users of the Fennel mode must use the REPL window to see 
> evaluation
> results, which is not practical nor idiomatic for Lisp development in 
> Emacs.
> With this patch, evaluation results are also shown in the echo area, as 
> seen in
> the "bigger" Lisp modes, such as the built-in Emacs Lisp mode, the 
> SLIME and
> SLY modes for Common Lisp, or the Geiser mode for Scheme.

I thought this was a part of fennel-proto-repl. Have you decided to use 
the plain repl instead?

Re: Empty do blocks in generated Lua 3 months ago

From Andrey Listopadov to ~technomancy/fennel

Apr 12, 2024 20:11:15 Jason Shipman <jasonpshipman@gmail.com>:

> Are the empty Lua do blocks occasionally emitted by Fennel meaningful?
> For example, this snippet of Fennel and its corresponding Lua via the
> See Fennel webpage:
> (fn map [xs f]
>   (icollect [_ x (pairs xs)] (f x)))
> local function map(xs, f)
>   local tbl_19_auto = {}
>   local i_20_auto = 0
>   for _, x in pairs(xs) do
>     local val_21_auto = f(x)

Small Lua incompatibility 3 months ago

From Andrey Listopadov to ~technomancy/fennel

Heya! Found a small Lua incompatibility in the latest Fennel release.

The following code works in Lua (tested with 5.1-5.4) but not in Fennel:

    {24 4 1}

I've assumed that since Fennel tables compile to Lua tables this should 

Have a nice day!

Andrey Listopadov

Re: [PATCH] Use git submodules for binary builds instead of tarballs. 3 months ago

From Andrey Listopadov to ~technomancy/fennel

> Thoughts? I know submodules can be controversial...

as long as sumbodule-related stuff, like updating, cleaning and all, is 
wrapped into nice make commands I'm good with that. The most annoying 
thing with TIC, for example, is to wipe their repo when something foesn't 
update properly.

Andrey Listopadov

Re: odd looking Fennel error message with Löve2D 3 months ago

From Andrey Listopadov to ~technomancy/fennel

Mar 24, 2024 22:56:36 Claude Marinier <claudem223@gmail.com>:

> Hi,
> This error message does not look right. Are those escape sequences?
>     Error
>     ./play.fnl:540:14 Compile error: expected local .
>           (set (▯[7m.▯[0m b-userdate :properties 
> :touching-smelter-ring) true)
> I cannot tell if Löve2D is not able to display the message properly or
> if Fennel is not producing a correct message. The message in the
> terminal looks OK. I re-typed the line and deleted the original line,

I'm taking a break from Fennel 5 months ago

From Andrey Listopadov to ~technomancy/fennel

Hello everyone!

I'm sorry to say it, but I decided to take a break from Fennel.  There
are a few reasons for that unrelated to the language or the community.
I'm archiving all of my Fennel code on GitLab for now, if you're
interested in picking up any of my projects, please feel free to do so.

I'll still maintain the fennel-proto-repl for now, as it is used in
other editors, and the Emacs support for it, but I doubt that I will get
any active use of it any time soon, so it's entering a "maintenance
mode".  Sorry to let everyone down.

I'm at a point in my life when I have to reevaluate my priorities.  That

Re: 'wcollect' macro (was: [Proposal] while-let) 5 months ago

From Andrey Listopadov to ~technomancy/fennel

Jan 25, 2024 13:31:51 Rudolf Adamkovič <salutis@me.com>:

> Here, 'wcollect' fills a gap in the existing conceptual space, as per
>> when I think about the features that #fennel has, I often think about
>> how some features introduce a new area in conceptual space, while
>> others simply fill in gaps that are already present from existing
>> features

Every day we stray further away from Common Lisp's loop.


Re: [Proposal] while-let 7 months ago

From Andrey Listopadov to ~technomancy/fennel

Dec 3, 2023 22:28:09 Phil Hagelberg <phil@hagelb.org>:

> Andrey <andreyorst@gmail.com> writes:
>> Consider:
>> (do
>>   (var not-done true)
>>   (while not-done
>>     (let [smth (something)]
>>       (if smth
>>         (set not-done false)
>>         (do (work smth)
>>             (with smth))))))

Re: Proposal: implicit iterators 7 months ago

From Andrey Listopadov to ~technomancy/fennel

Nov 20, 2023 06:10:33 Phil Hagelberg <phil@hagelb.org>:

> Most calls to `icollect` call `ipairs` on a table, bind the second 
> value
> from the iterator, and ignore the first value; in other words, they map
> a body over a sequence. In this case, we can tighten up the notation 
> and
> accept just a table to be iterated over:
>     ;; this:
>     (icollect [_ x (ipairs tbl)] (make-extra x))
>     ;; could become this:
>     (icollect (ipairs tbl) (make-extra $))