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Re: [PATCH btdt] add zsh version 1 year, 11 months ago

From Antoine Kalmbach to ~ane/public-inbox

Thanks Anamitra! Applied.

Antoine Kalmbach

Re: bt & dt 1 year, 11 months ago

From Antoine Kalmbach to ~ane/public-inbox

Tony Larcombe <tony@larcombe.tech> writes:

> Cool!
> Thanks again - good project - nicely written solution.
> Previously, I used bmenu to do tasks such as ssh or sshfs mount my 
> personal servers.  It was very little effort to adapt the bmenu entries 
> to fit in the .config/btdt/data file.  Now, rather than nested bmenus 
> (because the limit is 10 entries, and I need a 'back' option, I have 
> everything in one place in the dt() function. (oh, and I put the code in 
> .bash_function instead of profile = it just kind of keeps things neat 
> (along with .bash_alias) all called from .bashrc

Re: btdt for ZSH 1 year, 11 months ago

From Antoine Kalmbach to ~ane/public-inbox

Anamitra Saha <anamitra.saha21@gmail.com> writes:

> However, I am working on an implementation with ZSH widgets, which
> will let me add a few additional features I want.

Hi Anamitra, thank you for your suggestions and interest!

I have set up a repository for btdt here: https://git.sr.ht/~ane/btdt

If you don't mind, I'd like to add your version for zsh as
btdt.zsh. Would you like to submit adding the file as a patch for
btdt.git? If not, I can do that for you. (I will mark the file to be
under your copyright.)

Re: bt & dt 1 year, 11 months ago

From Antoine Kalmbach to ~ane/public-inbox

Oh never mind, the timestamp is there so that fzf can present entries in
the correct order. `cut` is then used to get the actual command data.

So that would be an obvious improvement: make sure the data that enters
the data file is properly formated. Possibly with HISTTIMEFORMAT set
it's probably a good idea to use date/strptime to actually parse the
date out of it.

I could also make the preview part of btdt to not show the
timestamp... but it could be useful to have it there.

Anyway, I set up a repository here https://git.sr.ht/~ane/btdt

Re: bt & dt 1 year, 11 months ago

From Antoine Kalmbach to ~ane/public-inbox

Hi Tony, thanks for your kind words and suggestions.  I'm glad you found
the idea useful.

> In the function dt(), change:
>      local cmd=$(cat $data | fzf -d'\t' --with-nth 2 --preview='echo -e 
> "\033[1m"{1}"\033[0m""\n\n"{3}' | cut -f1)
> to
>      local cmd=$(cat $data | cut -d' ' -f2- | fzf -d'\t' --with-nth 2 
> --preview='echo -e "\033[1m"{1}"\033[0m""\n\n"{3}' | cut -f1)

I just realized the whole thing is horribly buggy: it's saving the

Re: [PATCH] rec-mode rec-cmd-jump-to-fast fix. 2 years ago

From Antoine Kalmbach to ~ane/public-inbox

Hi Wade,

Thanks for your patch, I applied it on master.  Apologies for the late
reply, I somehow missed this.

Antoine Kalmbach

Re: Dead links from your article "Inside the machine" 2 years ago

From Antoine Kalmbach to ~ane/public-inbox

speaks-with-onions@danwin1210.me writes:

> Article:
> https://ane.iki.fi/2020/09/03/inside-the-machine.html
> Dead links:
> http://nmp.jpl.nasa.gov/index_flash.html
> https://shell.wilan.org/~ane/repl_live.webm

Thanks. I'll find a way to get these from web archive.

Antoine Kalmbach

Re: Article about recutils disappeared in blog index 2 years ago

From Antoine Kalmbach to ~ane/public-inbox

Hi Dmitry,

This is because the linked page is not published in the blog. The entry
can be found in the changelog[0]. The reason why posts like this
aren't in the blog can be seen in the explanation[1]. Basically, the
blog is meant for small updates, an online journal, content that doesn't
fit this category for some reason goes elsewhere.

Thanks for your question. You have the honor of being the first person
to ask something on this mailing list :-)

[0] https://ane.github.io/changelog.html
[1] https://ane.github.io/this-site/origin.html

[PATCH hub.sr.ht] Use -sS instead of --no-progress-meter when curling mbox downloads 3 years ago

From Antoine Kalmbach to ~sircmpwn/sr.ht-dev

Seems like curl in Debian images is too old to have support for
--no-progress-meter introduced in curl 7.67. This can be done in a
forward compatible way by using -sS.

-s will silence output in general, but -S (--show-error) will unsilence any errors.
Of course just upgrading the Debian package somehow will fix this just for Debian.
 hubsrht/builds.py | 2 +-
 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/hubsrht/builds.py b/hubsrht/builds.py
index 4611b06..a75988e 100644
--- a/hubsrht/builds.py
+++ b/hubsrht/builds.py
[message trimmed]