[PATCH] rec-mode rec-cmd-jump-to-fast fix.

Wade Mealing <wmealing@gmail.com>
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May have stumbled across an issue with rec-mode when using the
interactive command  rec-cmd-jump-to-fast

This particular function would fail because str was not defined.  I
may be misunderstanding how to use this function correctly, I think
this issue was introduced in b01f1e7e.

Thanks for the work maintaining this project.  Attached below is my
attempt at a fix.  I assign no copyright and no ownership and permit
ownership under the rec-mode license or whatever license is required.

Thanks.  Heads up, this mailer client only accepts plain-text mode
email which may be a barrier to contribution, or you may not care.  I
almost didn't send this patch again.

Wade Mealing

diff --git a/rec-mode.el b/rec-mode.el
index a1baf4b..c180463 100644
--- a/rec-mode.el
+++ b/rec-mode.el
@@ -1643,7 +1643,7 @@ The result of the selection is stored in

 Argument PREFIX when non-nil means to use a case-insensitive search."
   (interactive "P\nsFast string query: ")
-  (when (not (equal str ""))
+  (when (not (equal fast-string ""))
     (setq rec-current-selection
            (rec-query :fast-string fast-string

Wade Mealing
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<CAO4UgPQePE8xdVDMbNyoR_YWatvkL8xP+qAqsRzUpf--HvRyuw@mail.gmail.com> (view parent)
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Hi Wade,

Thanks for your patch, I applied it on master.  Apologies for the late
reply, I somehow missed this.

Antoine Kalmbach
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