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JOSM Update notes automatically 1 year, 8 months ago

From Andres Gomez Casanova to ~qeef/damn-project


We are using the Damn project to solve notes, which is very helpful.

We want to take a step forward and create a methodology to solve notes in real-time. I mean, while people are on the ground, they create notes, and armchair volunteers can solve them or ask questions with comments about the notes.

We see the DAMN project could help us with this. Our idea is that when one “locks” an area in JOSM, the DAMN plugin automatically and periodically downloads the notes in that area. This way, the mapper can continue mapping in JOSM and receive updates on the notes in its area without switching to another application (browser, RSS feeder). When the mapper clicks on Done or To review, the refresh mechanism is stopped. This also prevents people working on the same note or people continuously looking for updates in other tools (RSS, etc.), and everything is on JOSM.
This scenario is very appropriate for disaster response or when having a mapping party with people on the ground and people on computers.

We see that notes could enable this communication channel, and DAMN can be a mechanism to register and activate it.

Please let me know what you think.

"Task" instead of "Square" work 1 year, 9 months ago

From Andres Gomez Casanova to ~qeef/damn-project


I have started using DAMN for notathons and we define areas according to different criteria that produce circular or non-square polygons. However, in many parts of the applications, it refers to “square” to the working area. I propose to change it to task, area, or another word.

Best regards,

Andres Gomez - AngocA