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On Sat Nov 23, 2019 at 9:51 PM, Patrick Pichler wrote:
> After reading through your build.sr.ht build manifest I noticed that you
> install gradle via the arch packages. This also pulls in java-11.
> In some of my projects I still use java-8. Do you know a better way of
> installing a certain java version?

Yes! You can install java-8 from the arch repositories. Install the
following packages:


Then configure gradle to use java-8 as this post specifies:

Please note, I have not done this myself and this may take some trial
and error. Good luck!

Anjandev Momi
Mechatronic Systems Engineering Student
Simon Fraser University
xmpp:] anjan@momi.ca
email:] amomi@sfu.ca | anjan@momi.ca
website:] www.momi.ca
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