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I'm very happy to announce that scalc 0.3.2 is a reality! This revision
version now supports line-editing and command history browsing on the
prompt (using sline[1]) and fixes an undefined behavior situation in
interactive mode due to an uninitialized variable.

From this release onwards, sline becomes a dependency of scalc. Only
linking with stable releases of sline is supported. Currently, this
means sline 0.1.1.

This release is 0.3.2 and not a minor/point release (i.e., 0.4), 
because, despite the huge amount of internal changes in the code, the
API hasn't changed at all. Interactive mode does not constitute part
of the API, as it isn't used when scalc is run in the context of a 
script. As a clarification, in the context of scalc, the API consists
solely of:

1. CLI options and exit values
2. Commands and operations supported, as these can be fed via a 
   pipeline in scripts, and scalc is able to read files to use as
   "scripts" as well.

Anything else isn't considered to be a proper *programming* interface.

Release notes:
* Prompt now based on sline[1], with support for line-editing and
  command history.
* Fixed jump based on uninitialized variables.


[1]: https://sr.ht/~arivigo/sline

Ariadna Vigo
Web: <https://ariadnavigo.xyz>
PGP: 0xA3B1324836A669BD
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