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Dear all,
I wish everyone is doing great!

You might've noticed that yesterday I pushed a series of commits that
make sline a shared library now. Yes, I'm dropping the initial claim
that I wasn't going to support a shared library. The static one of
course stays.

The reason behind this is mainly that some users of software that uses
sline have found themselves in a hard time dealing with the static
library. The usual scenario being that they forgot to recompile the
programs after updating the library. And I like to make things easier
to users.

I know shared libraries don't solve that scenario to a 100%. Sometimes
recompiling the programs that use a shared library is still needed,
but for patches and bugfixes the number of annoying rebuilds gets
reduced drastically.

The new shared library is in the master branch... but I'm still NOT
releasing this. There's the detail of the soversion number that needs
attention... otherwise this will be as useless as it gets. The fact
that we're on 0.x still doesn't help... because the soversion could be
bumped on any minor version... e.g., a hypothetical version 0.7.0 could
be API/ABI incompatible or not... because 0.x is that exception in
semantic versioning where you conflate all API/ABI changes into the
minor version... because the library is still not stable really...

I've thinking into getting into 1.x, though. The API doesn't look like
it needs any further changes. All issues lately have been bugs and I
don't see any new functionality that should be added to the library.
Getting into 1.x territory would help a lot in the soversion 

But again, before any release, this needs some thinking through. Drew
DeVault[1] has very kindly sent me some helpful guides on how to deal
with this, and I'm "digesting" the information. However if anyone is
familiar with soversion numbers and wants to tackle the issue, I would
really welcome a patch to make it work as it should! I'm opening a
ticket as soon as I hit "Send" on my email client.

In any case, I'm super proud of this project. It's nothing fancy, but
I'm happy with how it looks like now.


[1]: https://drewdevault.com/

Ariadna Vigo
Web: <https://ariadnavigo.xyz>
PGP: 0xA3B1324836A669BD
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