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Re: electron alternatives: wayland-like widget toolkits/GUI frameworks 8 days ago

From Arsen Arsenović to ~sircmpwn/public-inbox

> 1. Has anyone created a realistic alternative to HTML/CSS--maybe a
> binary DOM that has a reasonable API for manipulation? I supposed it'd
> also need some sort of rendering engine
No, and there's no real need for one. Existing GUI frameworks (none of which are
small enough, but they work well enough) already are very mutable from APIs;
such a DOM would be no improvement, in fact, the only reason DOM manipulation
is so needed in the Electron world is because HTML is *not* a UI language, and
it shows; it's a markup language unfit for program UIs.
In that regard, Qt is not terrible, it produces good GUIs, even though it acts
like a bit of a virus in any codebase, and sadly exposes a C++ API instead of a
C one.

> 2. Has anyone created a Wayland-like protocol for #1 so that you may
> create an app that communicates through a socket to manipulate the DOM

Re: Suggestion for added email client to useplaintext.email 16 days ago

From Arsen Arsenović to ~sircmpwn/public-inbox

> This just looks like mutt.
Yes, it's just a setup script for neomutt.

PS: I've replied instead of group-replied, by muscle memory, sorry about that.
Reposting on the mailing list.

Arsen Arsenović

Re: A small defense of the X protocol (not implementation!) in response to Anti-Wayland-horseshit 28 days ago

From Arsen Arsenović to ~sircmpwn/public-inbox

> > no special protocol
> > XEmbed
> Pick one.
> https://specifications.freedesktop.org/xembed-spec/xembed-spec-latest.html
> In any case, it is supported on Wayland via xdg-foreign:
> https://github.com/wayland-project/wayland-protocols/blob/master/unstable/xdg-foreign/xdg-foreign-unstable-v2.xml
This is a bit different; technically, I'm pretty sure any window can be
reparented into an XEmbed program (such as tabbed) and behave as expected, no
client code required. But this is a very nice protocol.

A small defense of the X protocol (not implementation!) in response to Anti-Wayland-horseshit 28 days ago

From Arsen Arsenović to ~sircmpwn/public-inbox


I'm writing this in response to "I'm tired of this anti-Wayland horseshit", to
bring up one thing that X still has over Wayland:

Due to Xs many years of existence, and due to how it's windows are organized
and how events are handled, tooling already exists with no special protocol
support to automate some tasks, or to do things like XEmbed (think xdotool or
tabbed, both of which are quite useful). I don't think either of these examples
exist currently within the Wayland protocol(s).

I understand that the Wayland protocol is little outside event and window
content exchange, with supplementary protocols to do stuff like take
screenshots or inhibit suspends, and that room would have to be made with a few