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Husband, father, and Emacs fanatic. PhD student at the University of Utah studying programming languages.

Most of my work is currently on GitHub.


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Interested in adding org-mode rendering support 16 days ago

From Ashton Wiersdorf to ~sircmpwn/sr.ht-discuss

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Hi there! This is my first time on a mailing list; I'll do the very
best I can to follow all the etiquette; please help me learn if I do
something uncouth.

I'm an Emacs junkie; I do a *lot* of work with org-mode. I have read
other threads [^1] about org-mode rendering support, how you can do it
with the build service or upload raw HTML, etc.

I might be interested in adding org-mode support. This could be
achieved pretty easily by using something like pandoc [^2] which is