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On Sun Feb 7, 2021 at 9:59 AM PST, Thomas Lloyd wrote:
> First of all I would like to thank you for creating flounder! Second, I
> have a question about custom domains.
> Is it possible to point my site "thmslld.flounder.online" to the domain
> "grappling.ca" but only if I access it through the gemini protocol as in
> "gemini://grappling.ca"? I guess I am wondering if I can serve the
> gemini version of my site through gemini while keeping the http version
> working at the same domain.
> Thanks!

Hi Thomas!

If you set the DNS records to point to Flounder, all traffic will be
routed to it, regardless of protocol or port. This is a limitation
caused by the way DNS works, unfortunately. The only way that I'm aware
that I could get around this would be setting up Flounder so that any
request to https://grappling.ca gets redirected towards your existing
site. I could consider adding this feature but there are technical
limitations to it -- all traffic to your site would have to go through
the Flounder servers.

A potential workaround would be using a separate subdomain for your
gemini page, e.g. g.grappling.ca or gemini.grappling.ca

Let me know if you have any other questions or feedback. I've forwarded
this message to the Flounder mailing list for visibility in case anyone
else is curious about this issue. This is a good place to send any
feedback, feature requests, or discussion about the Flounder project.


Thanks for your interest in Flounder!

All the best,

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