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Hi Rodrigo!

I re-read the documentation I wrote for custom domains, and realized I
neglected an important step! You need to go to
https://flounder.online/me and set your custom domain. Thanks for
making me aware of this issue.

All the best,

P.S. I have forwarded this email to the Flounder mailing list, which is
a good place to reach out to if you have questions.

On Wed Feb 10, 2021 at 5:06 PM PST, Rodrigo Franco wrote:
> Hey Alex, pointed a.really.slow.cab to aslowcab.flounder.online as a
> CNAME but it's not working as expected. Traceroute confirms that the DNS
> entry is being solved, but I can't get the page to render both over the
> web or gemini. Can you help me out?
> Thanks!
> PS: From traceroute:
> $ traceroute a.really.slow.cab
> traceroute to aslowcab.flounder.online (, 64 hops max,
> 52 byte packets
> 1 ( 4.906 ms 3.640 ms 3.288 ms
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