Is Gempub support possible?

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I'm making this proposal on the idea that archiving parts of a gemini
site into gempub could ease burdens on limited per user resources.
Persons wanting to use the format as specified in the linked
documentation would very likely have to adjust their link locations to
account, but it should cut down on per-capsule file clutter, and allow
for more space for content.

As example: I have written several novels and story collections who's
text is on my capsule. This feature would allow me to condense several
dozen files into five or six.

Second example: Someone with an active gemlog can archive their posts
to gempub at regular periods to reduce file clutter and space while
keeping archived content in a readable format.

I know lagrange supports gempub, I am fairly certain other clients
also support this standard, but even if not gempub is a renamed zip
with specific top level files and directory names for the sake of
sorting, metadata, and standardization for readers.

I do not see this as something to offer for entire user capsules, but
rather allow it as a way to archive large amounts of content that may
not be regularly accessed.

The one problem that presents itself is 'how would the proxy handle
this?' Since the only thought that comes to mind is the proxy reading
the gempub file and parsing the document as if it were an archived set
of webpages so the end user experiences no real loss or change in
functionality. Unfortunately I'm unsure that wouldn't that just
introduce its own set of problems.

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