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Marco -- thanks for the feedback!

On Sat May 1, 2021 at 7:42 AM PDT, Marco wrote:
> Hey there, I'm using your service to host my gemlog
> (bi-rabittoh.flounder.online).  It's so awesome, I love the feed
> functionality since it saves me a lot of work and lets me focus on
> actually writing the articles...
> Now, I have two questions. I hope you can find some time to answer,
> but it's okay if you don't... After all, I didn't pay for this
> service.
> 1. I created some drafts in my .hidden folder inside /gemlog. They
> don't show up on the flounder.online main page, but they're still
> listed in my gemlog index... To avoid that, I deleted the actual files
> today, but they still show up on my gemlog index as broken links.
> Clicking them leads to a 404 page, and now I don't know how to
> actually remove them... Is there any way I can fix this myself?

I'm not sure what you're seeing here -- I don't see the broken links on
this page https://bi-rabittoh.flounder.online/gemlog/

It may be that this file is cached locally. I might not have caching set
up properly on that page, which may be the issue.

> 2. This is a bit weird, and you probably won't be able to help me, but
> let's try asking.  I migrated my blog from here:
> https://bi-rabittoh.github.io <https://bi-rabittoh.github.io/>. I used
> zola to handle all the article-related stuff, and that also gave me a
> RSS feed so that people could subscribe to my updates.  The automatic
> RSS feed functionality was one of the reasons I switched to your
> service... But if I try to subscribe I just get everything in one
> line, without formatting, so reading the feed on any RSS aggregator
> just results in garbled up information like this: _____ # Modern web
> bloat This is it. My first blog post; I suppose this officially makes
> be a boomer. ## Inspiration Some time ago I stumbled upon a [video],
> where the popular Linux influencer [Luke Smith] talked about the
> effort of looking up a Chicken Parmesan recipe in 2021 without having
> any adblock or privacy extensions enabled. That's because most modern
> websites take a lot of time to load framework files, ads and trackers.
> While that's kinda functional, I think we should change our habits and
> start making simple websites again. In fact, I thought about creating
> this gemlog (and article) when I saw [Lonami]'s minimal website and
> immediately noticed how fast and clean it feels. Yeah, this looks like
> a first world problem and it probably is, but it's not as subtle as
> you think. I'm actually convinced that the internet could actually
> benefit from this way of thinking, and that's what I'm going to talk
> about. =>
> <https://odysee.com/@Luke:7/a-demonstration-of-modern-web-bloat:f>
> video => https://lukesmith.xyz <https://lukesmith.xyz/> Luke Smith =>
> <https://lonami.dev/> Lonami ## The problem In the early days of the
> internet, it was common for webpages to be written using only HTML, so
> we had very ugly but functional websites. [...] _____
> I even tried locally changing the <content type="html"> directive in
> the atom.xml file to<content type="text">, but that still gave no
> results, as every single aggregator I tried basically ignores all line
> endings...
> I think this could either be fixed by: * actually writing line end
> instructions on the xml file instead of "&#xA;" * formatting the whole
> <content> field as xhtml, maybe using the same "translator" you have
> on your proxy, so that titles, links, list etc.  are all rendered
> correctly

You're right -- this is a bug. I wrote that code very hastily and didn't
really test it, haha. I added a ticket to track this issue:

> Sorry, I know this was a long email and I understand if you don't have
> time to help me with this.  Either way, thanks a lot for your service,
> it's very high quality and currently the best option, so keep up the
> good work!

Glad you're enjoying it! I am currently extremely busy but I should be
able to get around to it at some point!  It's also open source, not sure
if you're a programmer but you're free to give a shot at patching it
yourself via the github link above

> Thanks for your help and best regards, Marco

No problem! BTW I cc'd the mailing list ~aw/flounder@lists.sr.ht -- this
should give visibility in case other users experience similar issues. If
you don't mind cc'ing this email address if you have bug reports, that
will help track issues.

All the best,
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