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Hi, let me share few my thoughts about it's all

At first, whan I see something like this in "new" laguages:

> XYZ := (real, real, real).
> 	XYZ <- (65.360, void, 42.420)!

I want to ask author to think more patient about type system (in case of known "Null References: The Billion Dollar Mistake").

About composition syntax (and all other syntax descisions), I think that now the best choice will be a multiline syntax, because, in one hand, requirements not clear, in other hand multiline is more straight and simple (to parse and to extend); maybe in future you'll instroduce one-line syntax as sugar.

Point about hierarchies and you position about it.
OOP was instroduced to solve complexity problem over hiding it under abstractions layers, this descisions was applied because considering that people thinking in same manner.

If you reject this considerations, than you need to introduce another mechanism of managing complexity.
(I agree with old-school's position that peoples thinking in terms of sets hierarchies and simply moving up and down over it)

In previous thread I saw syntax

> 		If quo > quid, then commit!

Is ACID and transactions is embedded into language? I don't think that its's a good idea in case of scalability and throutput. So, I suggest describe deal over "broker", whan participants communicate with fair third participant, to not overcomplicate.
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