Replacing Bash with Logos

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I have a basic understanding of a file system, programs, and all these
kinds of machinery. Now to handle all of this on my computer, I do
need a shell language. A shell language is also a programming
language, so ideally, I should be a programmer too. But that's not
all: additionally, I should know a knowledge CLI options of such
common utilities as `find`, `grep`, and `ls`. Ideally, the most common
options should reside in my brain memory just not to waste my time
surfing StackOverflow. By the way, StackOverflow is also an almost
totally programmer's resource.

The farther we go, the more absurd the situation becomes. I can say,
computers are totally usurped by computer programmers, The Gods of
Bits & Bytes (TM). Users can either scroll the mouse, or please
programmers to do stuff, or go to hell.

If Logos was the reality, I would say to my computer "Please, move all
files from the directories X, Y, and Z to the directory Q, if they
have the write and read bits set on, and please do it in 5 mins". No
knowledge of a myriad of command-line utilities required, no shell
language and even no typing on a computer.
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