First principles of Aletheian warfare

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The deal is raw,

..And this is important to state for future reference; the purpose, as
to why exactly the leet list exists.

Aletheia is a good old ancient Greek goddess of truth. As a consequence,
the word itself is very Greek and very philosophical. There's all this
Heidegger talk, too. I don't understand much of it myself, but hey, feel
free to give it a shot!

Beware, though.

This stuff is rather out of fashion in them modern philosophical hip-
circles. As far as I know, and oh boy, know I very little for I don't
belong in such circles AT ALL being working man I am; if you were to
utter a word as cheap as this, you would get your clown ass laughed out
of the room, pronto!

	According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way that a bee
	should be able to fly. Its wings are too small to get its fat little
	body off the ground. The bee, of course, flies anyways. Because bees
	don't care what humans think is impossible.

[^] Bee Movie, DreamWorks Animation®

We're all akin to bees in our pursuit of truth, am I right?

I know you wish to learn what it means to be Aletheian, and I deny you
the pleasure. This is the first principle. Please don't be misled as to
think that someone is pulling your leg because they aren't; this text
you're reading is not a form of fiction, this is an attempt to show
facts for what they are, in all infinite multiplicity of what can be

My intent is to keep you reading at all costs, not because I'm desperate
to engage you the reader, but for the exact opposite reason of trying to
get you disengaged from what you do.

To abandon the usual ADHD routine of a commoner.

I say, Landians and the likes of them —have to resort to time travel if
only due to their true impotence, inability to act in the present which
of its own volition springs the necessity to throw wild cards, such as
sending Burroughs back in time, or whatever, to someplace familiar,
and well-understood.

Aletheians can afford the luxury of the present.

And although I make no claim of grand fertility and prosperity with
respect to our ranks, I know for a fact that true Aletheian would never
fall as low as to give up their agency for adoption, and for it to be
adopted –by some crooks.

Hereby goes the second principle: To outsider, there's no trickery, on
the inside, however, it gets ugly real fast. There's nothing to stop you
from being observed, detached from your condition, and obliterated —all
at the sleight of thy own hand.

This perspective should not lead you to the wrong conclusion that the
real enemy is in your head. (That being the nominal basis for Eastern
nonsense they call philosophy.) The enemy is out there, of course; it
doesn't exist in flesh, paint, or theory, but you can and will find it
no problemo whenever bona fide, or say, willful consensus, for a lack of
a better word— is absent.

The satanic view, of course, is that Mephistopheles in fact saves Faust
from the life of ignorant, all-knowing misery, by bringing him into the
never-ending kaleidoscope of experience.

Let me note that Faust gives explicit consent to this treatment.

No wrongdoing on the devil's part! Goethe is being very hip about it,
too. Good old Mephistopheles is just being classic old himself, going
about collecting souls, entertaining the damned... As-if it was meant to
happen, as-if Faust had no choice in the hands of life. This is a prime
example of a raw deal— the kind of deal we're dealing with here in the
Aletheian trenches.

Narrativize, but don't let thyself be narrativized.

Now that we can use machines to maintain transactional history by means
of somewhat practical consensus algorithms, there is even less room for

Keep your head down, be honest.

What we can achieve with computers is multiple orders of meaning cooler
and frankly, more useful in the ways of our life, than whatever fiction
them silly Landian jester boys could ever muster. Why would you choose
to dance about the fringes when you could manufacture gravitas instead?

Use computation to your advantage, compute your discourses.

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