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I love mathematicians, mathematicians hate me.

They hate me not because I'm Muslim, or because I write Rust, or because
I'm gay, but rather— because unlike them, I deal in pure Revelation; as
opposed to clever reasonings mathematicians enjoy so much.

Reason about this: How many holes are there in a balloon?

Mathematicians will smugly tell you there's like -1 holes, or something.
"Well, you, see, topologically speaking..." blah blah which is hilarious
yes— I must admit, but not exactly revealing anything about any thing is

And that's what mathematicians don't understand about philosophy.

Us philosophy people, we deal in  r e v e l a t i o n.

Exclusively, like.

Don't get me wrong: To those of you doing quantum shit, or going around
reasoning about nonpolinomial shit, being all-clever and all, writing
papers and all, having no trouble at all— to you boys and girls, I send
my deepest respects.

The computer people, too. You rock the Casbah!

But others, to the boring guys I'm sorry— sending no respects at all,
because I can see them little men belittle my proud brothers and sisters
casually, like and this is what ought not be tolerated.

Philosophy to language is what distillation is to water.


PS. I intend to acquire a legal firearm.
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