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Re: Fork proposal 15 days ago

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>lists.sr.ht definitely does not use AWS's email thing.

I rechecked -- yes, sorry, my bad.
I was confused by "mailto:~sircmpwn/aerc@lists.sr.ht?cc=Kalyan%20Sriram%20%3Ckalyan%40coderkalyan.com%3E&in-reply-to=%3C0101017d2631dd49-ba71b9cb-c4d4-44e2-ba94-22060a6bab87-000000%40us-west-2.amazonses.com%3E&subject=Re%3A%20Fork%20proposal" link

Sprinkled ashes on my head already T_T'

>This thread ceased being productive a while ago. Let's leave it be and
>move on.

OK, thanks to everyone for your patience and answers, cu.

Re: Fork proposal 15 days ago

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Kalyan Sriram <kalyan@coderkalyan.com> wrote:
>The people who want a federated, open source/open standard,
> non-commerically motivated, efficient, secure chat protocol.

Paul Vixie <paul@redbarn.org> wrote:
>source hut (sr.ht) is one of the great wonders of this modern
>too-centralized era and we should be moving things _to_ it not _from_ it.

Are you aware that this mail list is run using AWS Simple Email Service?
And may I ask you, what hardware/OS are you using, could it be Macbook by some chance?


Nicolai Dagestad <nicolai@dagestad.fr> wrote:

Re: Fork proposal 16 days ago

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>If you don't like the people here I don't think anybody is going to force you to stay.

I didn't mean to be rude, in case it looked that way.
I will not leave so fast after I spent a few hours figuring out how to set up neomutt and use it with mailing lists.
I am feeling like I am got in some long-forgotten druid circle in naphthalene smelling mantle of apprenticehood.
And now I am wondering, why you are using mailing lists with the git-over-email approach, maybe it is convenient or maybe you have some other reasons.

>The risk of his message not reaching many people is not because we are in a mailling list, but
>because aerc had not had much activity in a while.

Well, yes, but why aerc had not much activity in the first place?
Maybe, at least partly, because of its not-friendly-to-common-programmer infrastructure?


Re: Fork proposal 16 days ago

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>God, don't fucking move to GitHub. aerc was explicitly designed to support the mailing list workflow.

Roger that. But there will bw not many contributors, which is bad.

[Relying on plain-text email is a 'barrier to entry' for kernel development, says Linux Foundation board member](https://lobste.rs/s/0jt525/relying_on_plain_text_email_is_barrier)

Re: Fork proposal 16 days ago

From Mailru Pile to ~sircmpwn/aerc

> I don't know if many people will be reading this but I'll ask anyway.

That is one of the reasons to migrate somewhere like Github/Gitlab/Codeberg

I am even unsure if that message will appear in the thread (attempt #8)

> What would be the name of the fork?
> Drew is OK if the original project name is preserved.

Goo name, why change it

> Where would source code, issue tracking would be hosted?

Somewhere like Github/Gitlab/Codeberg?