Tildes Issue Log - March 2020

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# Tildes Issue Log

## March 2020 by @Bauke

### Permissions Rework

The internal permissions system was reworked to enable new features and
clean it up a bit. The main features include:

* There is no more `admin` permission meaning that every permission now
  has to be granted individually. Previously you had to have this
  permission to do a whole bunch of things like being able to reply to
  locked threads, viewing a removed post's content...

* Being able to grant and deny permissions on a group-specific level,
  such as the ability to edit tags only in a particular group. Or to
  allow you to edit tags in all groups except for ~tildes, for example.

### COVID-19

Due to the coronavirus pandemic and all that has come with it, @Deimos
made some rapid-fire changes to accommodate all the news and topics
related to the pandemic:

* A new group, ~health.coronavirus, was made to keep the topics a bit
  more contained. Alongside that, `coronaviruses.covid19` [has become the
  established tag](https://tild.es/mk3) to use for filtering purposes.
* A new "views" is now available in the header. At the moment it's to
  provide a quick way to view either all coronavirus-related topics or
  only the unrelated ones.

### Various New Features

* The [overall groups page](https://tildes.net/groups) was redesigned
  to include some daily activity statistics for each group.

* A set of tags has been added to the tags editor so they always show
  up in the autocompletion, the current list of tags is `nsfw`, `spoiler`
  and `coronaviruses.covid19`.

* The donation goal meter visible on [the
  frontpage](https://tildes.net) has been added to [the Financials
  page](https://tildes.net/financials), an [open-source contribution
  by](https://gitlab.com/tildes/tildes/-/merge_requests/84) @timo.

* Scheduled topic markdown and titles can now take advantage of Jinja
  templating. (Currently only @Deimos can create and edit the
  scheduled topics, but this feature will be very useful in the
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