Tildes Issue Log - June 2020

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# Tildes Issue Log

## June 2020 by @Bauke

### Another Very Short One

Just like last month, this month's also a shorter one.

* Comments that are removed by a site admin and then deleted by the
comment author will now show that it was removed. Previously it would
show as deleted but the reason it was deleted is often because it was
* The specialized coronavirus views that were introduced [in
March](https://til.bauke.xyz/2020/march.html#covid-19) and were visible
at the top of the home page have been removed.
* A [new feature was
that added a hard delay when 2 people were replying to each other too
quickly. It was removed a few days after the delay was being triggered
more than @Deimos liked, but it will likely come back in the future in
an improved form.
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