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Re: [PATCH sxmo-utils v2] drop sudo for doas 3 months ago

From Maxim Karasev to ~mil/sxmo-devel

>+	install -D -m 0640 -t $(DESTDIR)/etc/doas.d/ configs/doas/doas-sxmo.conf

I think it's better to simply place it to /etc/doas.d/sxmo.conf

Re: [PATCH sxmo-utils] drop sudo for doas 3 months ago

From Maxim Karasev to ~mil/sxmo-devel

>Users must add the following to their /etc/doas.conf manually because
>doas does not have an include directive

There is /etc/doas.d, we can just put it here.

On October 13, 2021 7:49:33 AM GMT+03:00, Anjandev Momi <anjan@momi.ca> wrote:
>Users must add the following to their /etc/doas.conf manually because
>doas does not have an include directive:
>permit nopass :wheel as root cmd "/bin/busybox poweroff"
>permit nopass :wheel as root cmd "/bin/busybox reboot"
>permit nopass :wheel as root cmd "/sbin/poweroff"
>permit nopass :wheel as root cmd "/sbin/reboot"
>permit nopass :wheel as root cmd "/usr/bin/sxmo_wifitoggle.sh"

Re: [PATCH sxmo-utils] fix audio controls when using pipewire 3 months ago

From Maxim Karasev to ~mil/sxmo-devel

I like the idea, but IMO it should be done outside of Sxmo, like lisgd. And also it's pretty hard to implement, especially ALSA, as every device out there has unique controls.

On October 15, 2021 12:17:44 AM GMT+03:00, Nathaniel Barragan <nathanielbarragan@protonmail.com> wrote:
>I have an idea. (Sorry I'm just a lowly user, I don't really contribute
>much so take that how you will).
>On my personal systems, I have a script called "audiocontrol". Perhaps
>we can create an "sxmo_audiocontrol.sh" script that will abstract that
>away, so that we can use it wherever we need to do any control over
>audio volumes and devices, eg. switching devices over from speakers to
>headpones, or changing the volumes. This way, slowly, we can just add
>whatever sound server people are using, whether that be ALSA, PipeWire,
>or PulseAudio, or even OSS if people ever want to use it on a BSD for
>whatever contrived reason.

Re: [PATCH sxmo-utils] fix audio controls when using pipewire 3 months ago

From Maxim Karasev to ~mil/sxmo-devel

(just random thoughts about the sound in Sxmo that I've accumulated over time)

I'm not sure if we should completely drop ALSA, but I think that requiring PulseAudio or PipeWire in postmarketos-ui-sxmo will generally be a good idea. I'm not a fan of PulseAudio or PipeWire. TBH, I hate them, and I'm used to use pure ALSA setup on all my x86 devices, but sadly ARM is not the case. Most ARM SoCs has terrible UCM setups that makes it literally impossible to configure sound using alsa-utils. Even if it can be achieved, it will be SoC-specific.

Tl;dr: sound control will work only on PinePhone until there is proper PulseAudio or PipeWire support. IMO, it should be either the only way of configuring sound, or the preferred one, meaning that it will replace current ALSA menu if PulseAudio/PipeWire is installed. There ofc should be output device selection as well. I think it's easier to implement universally (for all devices) on sound server level rather than at ALSA UCM one.

On October 13, 2021 10:43:08 PM GMT+03:00, Anjandev Momi <anjan@momi.ca> wrote:
>Stacy Harper <contact@stacyharper.net> writes:
>> Anjan we cannot just replace all control with pipewire ones :D
>> The user should be able to run vanilla alsa and be able to manage audio
>> volumes etc.

Re: sxmo/swmo on Planet Computers Astro Slide? 3 months ago

From Maxim Karasev to ~mil/sxmo-devel

On Sun Oct 10, 2021 at 5:02 PM MSK, Serge E. Hallyn wrote:
> On Sun, Oct 10, 2021 at 09:44:03AM +0200, Stacy Harper wrote:
> > Hello dukfk,
> > 
> > Basically turning a device sxmo compatible is easy.
> > 
> > Postmarketos is the first place to dig. Some recipes should be done to
> > be able to boot a postmarket os inside the device.
> > 
> > Once thats done, sxmo will just be some additional packages to install.
> > Some minor compatibility lines of code will probably be needed to
> > handle this new device (device path, buttons ids, etc).
> And at least the cosmo communicator so far is listed at pmos as not

Re: [PATCH] .config/sway/config.d/01-appearance: fix nord color scheme 4 months ago

From Maxim Karasev to ~begs/public-inbox

On Thu Sep 9, 2021 at 5:49 PM MSK, Dmitry Kruchko wrote:
> ---
> .config/sway/config.d/01-appearance | 9 +++++----
> 1 file changed, 5 insertions(+), 4 deletions(-)
> diff --git a/.config/sway/config.d/01-appearance
> b/.config/sway/config.d/01-appearance
> index 0c71be2..82cdf53 100644
> --- a/.config/sway/config.d/01-appearance
> +++ b/.config/sway/config.d/01-appearance
> @@ -21,10 +21,11 @@ titlebar_padding 10 1
> ### Nord
> #set $light #eceff4
> #set $dark #2e3440

[PATCH sxmo-utils 1/2] Add USB Hotspot 4 months ago

From Maxim Karasev to ~mil/sxmo-devel

By default, pmOS starts a udhcpd configured to only give an IP, making
it possible to SSH into phone from PC, and this behavior is perfectly
correct: we don't want the phone to be gateway by default. This, on the
other hand, makes phone a gateway to the Internet for PC (like Android's
USB tethering), requiring no configuration on PC side, which is very
handy sometimes.
 scripts/core/sxmo_networks.sh | 18 ++++++++++++++++++
 1 file changed, 18 insertions(+)

diff --git a/scripts/core/sxmo_networks.sh b/scripts/core/sxmo_networks.sh
index b4de0cb..fe3d5c7 100755
--- a/scripts/core/sxmo_networks.sh
+++ b/scripts/core/sxmo_networks.sh
[message trimmed]

[PATCH sxmo-utils 2/2] Move operating system detection to sxmo_common 4 months ago

From Maxim Karasev to ~mil/sxmo-devel

 scripts/core/sxmo_common.sh              | 10 ++++++++++
 scripts/modem/sxmo_modemmonitortoggle.sh |  8 --------
 2 files changed, 10 insertions(+), 8 deletions(-)

diff --git a/scripts/core/sxmo_common.sh b/scripts/core/sxmo_common.sh
index e0e600f..485742f 100644
--- a/scripts/core/sxmo_common.sh
+++ b/scripts/core/sxmo_common.sh
@@ -9,6 +9,16 @@
# we disable shellcheck SC2034 (variable not used)
# for all the variables we define here

# Determine current operating system
[message trimmed]

Re: [PATCH sxmo-utils v4 2/2] Move operating system detaction to sxmo_common 4 months ago

From Maxim Karasev to ~mil/sxmo-devel

In postmarketOS usb interfaces are set as unmanaged for NetworkManager.

On September 3, 2021 9:47:37 AM GMT+03:00, Stacy Harper <contact@stacyharper.net> wrote:
>Someone on irc said that usb tethering is doable with network manager.
>Is it something you knows about ? I think we would prefer this way. We
>already can add a hotspot wifi nm entry.

Re: [PATCH sxmo-utils v4 1/2] Add USB tethering 4 months ago

From Maxim Karasev to ~mil/sxmo-devel

WARNING: untested