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Re: Let's introduce ourselves 5 months ago

From Dimakakos Dimos to ~sircmpwn/free-writers-club

Hello everyone!

Thanks for sharing your blogs, very interesting stuff around.

Well, I'm Dimos, a mathematician and aspiring programmer, and I share my
thoughts on technical and not-so technical issues at
bendersteed.gitlab.io. I haven't put on the time to rent my own domain
yet. Mostly I play with lisps, web applications and machine learning.

You can contact me by email or at bendersteed@pleroma.soykaf.com.

Hope all of you are fine!

Re: How do you organize your notes and outlines? 5 months ago

From Dimakakos Dimos to ~sircmpwn/free-writers-club

My blog posts are a continuation of my note-taking and revolves around
org-mode. I have  a general inbox.org file where I capture whatever I
feel is interesting. Then I have several org files where I refile my
notes to, like lore for general knowledge stuff, ideas for future
projects and among them there is a blog file where I file blog-post

I use a very nice org to hugo exporter that is called ox-hugo. While a
heading is marked as TODO the post is treated as a draft but when it's
mark as DONE, it's published. This setting, together with a CI setup
makes posting really easy.

Usually I will post about something that I researched and didn't find