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Re: Open to feedback 8 months ago

From Benjamin Calderon to ~sircmpwn/free-writers-club

Thanks :-) and Thanks for the pointer on style! I'm a webdev that 
doesn't test stuff on mobile 😅

On 6/5/23 10:30 AM, Oliver Leaver-Smith wrote:
> I really dig your writing style! Styling point, I read mostly on mobile and there’s too much outer padding and I find the font is a touch too large

Open to feedback 8 months ago

From Benjamin Calderon to ~sircmpwn/free-writers-club

Hello fellow writers!

I just wanted to share this first post that I wrote in my blog. I'm 
aiming to make technical content that is entertaining and also shares 
insights and (hopefully) inspires people to play.

Would love to hear what you guys this. Thanks :)



Thanks for your writing! 1 year, 2 months ago

From Benjamín Calderón to ~sircmpwn/public-inbox

Hi Drew,

I just wanted to thank you for your writing, the projects you've
worked on and for not keeping those projects to yourself but sharing
them in your blog. It has been very inspiring for me. Just a few weeks
ago I was sharing with my wife how I enjoyed building, how I missed
the joy of hacking for the fun of it, and how I was inspired by your
hacking and musings and comunity that you have built around your blog,
and all the cool stuff in sr.ht.

I hope it is a siesta but in either case, some rest always help. Know
that your writing is greatly appreciated and is the blog that every
time I saw a new post it'll be a stop-everything-and-read kind of